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Dan Sullivan applied for AOGCC public seat before Hollis French letter was made public

Former Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, who Governor Michael J. Dunleavy recently appointed to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, listed the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) public seat as his top choice on his boards and commissions application. The Alaska Landmine has obtained a copy of his application. Here is it:

CRA Regulatory Commission of Alaska Sullivan #6

What is interesting is the date of his application. It was dated 1/22/2019, just five days after the letter that Governor Dunleavy sent Hollis French informing French that Dunleavy was attempting to remove him from the public seat on AOGCC. But that letter was not made available to the public until February 7, 2019, more than two weeks after Sullivan submitted his application. On February 7, Alaska Public Media did the below story, there is a link to the letter in the story.

Alaska GOP Gov. Dunleavy seeks to oust Democratic chair of oil and gas watchdog agency

French’s seat is not up until 3/1/2021, more than two years away. State statutes require cause for the governor to remove a commissioner from AOGCC. A hearing took place last week on the matter. Governor Dunleavy makes the final decision.

The question is did Dan Sullivan know that Dunleavy was attempting to remove French weeks before the public knew or is he just clairvoyant? If he did know, who told him? And is this the reason he listed listed AOGCC as his top choice on his application?

Collusion is a word we have all been hearing a lot lately. It is defined as “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.” Did someone in the Dunleavy administration collude with Sullivan and tell him French was going to be removed?


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5 years ago

Look for the answer in tomorrow’s edition of DUH! magazine.

I Art Laughing
5 years ago
Reply to  Martin

I didn’t realize Must Read Alaska was available in print.

Fart Chance
5 years ago

We all know the answer to these questions. Come on Jeff, have the sack to say it.

katherine mclaughlin
5 years ago

Of course he did. The question is a) Unethical, yes, but illegal? b) what can (or will) anyone do about it?

D j h
5 years ago

Danny Sullivan is a crook taught by his daddy Georgie Boy. He will insert knife and turn it twice. Prepare to screwed.