Biden’s failed FCC nominee Gigi Sohn is back, anti-police views and all

Alaskans generally appreciate the rule of law and respect our law enforcement officers charged with enforcing it. It’s not that much to ask that those running our own government do the same.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden’s nominee to serve on the five-member Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is far too woke to serve in this role. In fact, the nominee, Gigi Sohn, has a long and well-recorded history of anti-law enforcement rhetoric and actions. These statements make her wholly unfit to serve in this position of power.

President Biden recently re-nominated Gigi Sohn to serve as a commissioner with the FCC, the government agency responsible for regulating America’s communications channels such as radio, cable, satellite, and television. Sohn’s previous attempts at confirmation failed due to lack of support from Democrats and Republicans alike. This is in large part due to her extreme political views and anti-police rhetoric.

Gigi Sohn’s social media accounts make no attempt to hide her disdain for law enforcement, the rule of law, and public safety. At a time in which cities all over the country are experiencing skyrocketing crime, Sohn has expressed support for tweets calling for “defunding the police.” She has retweeted statements calling police “armed goons in riot gear with tear gas.” She has also liked tweets criticizing individual Americans concerned about looting and riots in American communities.

Sohn’s anti-police views are so concerning that the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) issued a statement opposing Sohn’s nomination pointing out that Sohn’s, “social media, public policy stances, and employment history has indicated serious animus towards law enforcement officers and the rule of law.”

This is unfortunately not the first time the Biden administration has nominated someone with this type of rhetoric. Solomon Greene, nominee for Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Julia Gordon, nominee for Assistant Secretary for the Office of Housing and Commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration at HUD, both used their personal social accounts to disparage police officers and support the defund the police movement. This is a concerning trend, and one that should stop with Sohn.

The FCC has vast influence over what Americans see, hear, and consume in the media on a daily basis. Putting Sohn on the commission that regulates those communications channels is dangerous because she has shown little ability to control her own personal and extreme political views.

Senators Lisa Murkowski (R – Alaska) and Dan Sullivan (R – Alaska) are strong supporters of our law enforcement community. Sullivan has already made his feelings clear on Sohn’s nomination. I certainly hope the entire delegation joins him in outing her as the radical that she is. Simply put, a vote for Sohn is a vote against law enforcement and public safety.

Alaskans appreciate our law enforcement community. President Biden’s nominee to sit on the FCC does not share those beliefs or values. She does not belong on the FCC.

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Jonathan Nathan
1 month ago

Okay sure, I’ll bite: why do cops deserve respect and admiration simply for being cops? It’s just a job, and not even close to the most dangerous one. And there are serious and legitimate concerns around whether policing is really the correct response to most of the things we currently use it for.

1 month ago

The continued war on drugs for instance has been great for the prison industrial complex, for families? not so much. On limiting drug abuse? not at all. On increasing the cost of drugs leading to more violent crime? just do the math.

30 days ago
Reply to  Floridawoman

Not to mention the fact that historically (and currently?) drug laws were race based- read about opium, marijuana, crack specific laws-penalties for examples.

Edit-It is likely fun to make stuff up as a journalist about sky-rocketing crime, but we expect better and know better.

1 month ago

Alaskans have more mixed views on the police than this opinion piece suggests, but it should be acknowledged that one reason public opinion of police is higher in Alaska than elsewhere is that the Troopers are really a model department. They aren’t perfect, but so many communities would be thrilled for their police department to show the professionalism that our Troopers show.

That’s a good thing. It’s also not a reason to totally dismiss some very harsh criticism the industry comes in for from people who aren’t really looking at the best departments.

J Gentry
1 month ago

This writer’s headlines are more nuanced than even Suzanne’s MRAK propoganda blog. Journalism at its finest.

Ed Martin Jr
1 month ago

Yes, it should start right here in the Dunleavy administration by following As 39.15.010 -100 PUBLIC OFFICAL BONDS !

John Doe
1 month ago

When Jeff was selected as one of the Top 40 under 40 they meant under 40 IQ points

Rather Not
1 month ago

Cities all over the country are not experiencing sky rocketing crime. Alaska Beacon just came out with an article that says with the exception of some violent crimes, the overall crime rate in Alaska has decreased. In fact, Dr. Payne with UAA’s justice center said the statistics agree with Governor Dunleavy’s assertion that crime rates in Alaska are at a 40 year low. The article also says lower crime rates are being seen across the entire country. They cite actually data. Stop making stuff up to fit your “anti-woke narrative.”

John Doe
1 month ago
Reply to  Rather Not

Wokeness is telling Jeff to eat a salad now and then so he doesnt have to waddle around the capitol building

29 days ago

Of all of the Alaska centric news and issues THIS is the topic you opine about? Let’s get some continuing news and updates on the criminally incompetent bronson administration, an update on body cams FOR ANCHORAGE POLICE etc.