Austin Quinn-Davidson elected new Assembly chair, will become acting mayor

During a special reorganizational meeting tonight of the Anchorage Assembly, they elected Assemblymember Austin Quinn-Davidson as the new chair. She beat Assemblymember John Weddleton, who was the only other person nominated.

After the chaos of the last week culminated in the resignation of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, the Assembly decided to hold a special meeting to elect a new chair. Quinn-Davidson will become acting mayor on October 23 at 6 pm, when Berkowitz’s resignation goes into effect. Assemblymember Felix Rivera, the former chair, was elected vice-chair tonight. He will become chair of the Assembly when Quinn-Davidson becomes acting mayor next Friday. The Assembly’s next regular is October 27, in which they will elect a new chair. That will likely be Rivera. This will leave the Assembly at ten members until a new permanent mayor is elected.

This is where it gets unclear. There seems to be three options to elect a new mayor. A legal memo from Municipal Attorney Kate Vogel, obtained by the Landmine, spells these out these options:

The Assembly will determine which option they choose. In any case, nothing will happen for at least 90 days.

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Richie romero
3 years ago

To bad she is not a lipstick lesbian.

3 years ago
Reply to  Richie romero

What does that comment supposed to mean?

Big E Juneau AK
3 years ago

This is all completely political ( surprise coming from the assembly) to vote for a “Token” replacement so she can be the first openly gay Mayor of anchorage…
Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse.