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Ask a Cat: Travel anxiety, dating, and the Anchorage mayoral race

Ask a cat is an advice column featured in the Alaska Landmine. Have a question for the Cat? Email or click here to submit via a form (anonymous) to get the answers to any of life’s problems.

Dear Cat,

How do you deal with travel anxiety? I haven’t been on a plane since Covid and now I have a new job where I need to travel periodically for work, but I’m feeling uneasy about it. Any tips would be appreciated.

Dear Human,

Cat does not travel well. Humans are lucky in that they don’t usually travel in a kennel, so be grateful for that. Kennels aside, Cat supposes it depends on what is making you uneasy. Are you concerned about getting sick? Or just feeling anxious about air travel in general? Regardless, Cat’s advice is to plan and prepare. If getting sick is what concerns you, there are certainly some basic things you can do to help quell your worry. Before traveling, make sure to get regular sleep and limit stress as much as possible. Increase your intake of healthy foods and limit your sugar and alcohol. Cat advises that good quality sleep and lowering general inflammation with your food choices will set your immune system up to be at its best. Don’t forget to bring your hand sanitizer and wipe down your airplane armrests/tray table for good measure. If you’re comfortable wearing a mask at the airport or on the plane, that may provide you with some extra defense.

If your concern is travel-anxiety in general, Cat invites you to grab a pen and paper and examine what aspects are perturbing you. For example, if being in a crowd offends your sensibilities, what can you do now to manage that anxiety? Wearing noise canceling earbuds or arriving early and finding a quiet spot in the airport might help calm your nerves. Identifying ahead of time your main stressors and making a plan to mitigate them is the best you can do. Even if travel doesn’t go purr-fectly, hopefully you will be prepared to the best of your ability to cope.


Dear Human,

I’m a woman that’s sick of dating apps, single men don’t seem to have much to offer. I’m starting to see a lot of advertisement for “ethical non monogamy” in dating profiles. Honestly, it’s starting to sound like it might work. I’m not really attracted to women, I think they’re beautiful but unfortunately I identify as straight. So if I get involved in some sort of polyamory situation, does that just mean I’m enabling a guy to sleep with two women and outsourcing some nagging? Am I evolving or giving up/giving in? What does the Cat think?

Dear Human,

Cat thinks this is a loaded question. First, as Cat understands it, there are many options under the umbrella that is “ethical non-monogamy”, and polyamory is just one of those options. So, if you’re asking Cat specifically if they think you should give it a shot, Cat can’t make that decision for you. Let’s review what you’ve revealed: You are straight, you are sick of dating apps, and you are unsure of where you are wanting to proceed with your romantic endeavors. Cat wonders if purrhaps you don’t just need a break from dating in general. You don’t mention being desperate for a partner, and Cat doesn’t think desperation is a healthy place to work from regardless. It sounds like more than anything, you are so burned out on online dating that you are digging yourself in deeper by further compromising your needs. Presumably, the point of a polyamorous relationship is not simply to “outsource nagging.”

Cat thinks what you need is purrpsective. Completely remove yourself from romantic endeavors for at least a few weeks. Delete your dating apps. Focus your intentions elsewhere, cultivate your hobbies and self-care, generally do not concern yourself with the dating scene. After you’ve had a solid breather, come back to the table and reassess. If you find you are generally curious about being in a polyamorous relationship, take a little time to do some research and make your intentions clear. It’s ok to be curious and try new things, but don’t go there from the perspective of not having any other options – it’s not fair to you, and it isn’t fair to potential future partners. In conclusion, Cat recommends you slow your roll and know that there is no great hurry in this endeavor.


Dear Cat,

Do you really think we need Chris Tuck running for mayor?

Dear Human,

Cat is always amused when humans ask for Cat’s political opinions. As a non-voting species of your community, I do not have a rat in this race. To answer your question, no, Cat doesn’t think Chris Tuck necessarily needs to be running for mayor. Cat is much more interested in LaFrance’s candidacy, given the track record of the incumbent. If pressed for an opinion, I would clarify that I am most interested in the current mayor being replaced. Cat suspects Mayor Dave Bronson is a dog person. As some have already mused, certain humans would probably be best suited by going back to their Mojo-Dojo-Casa-House and allowing more reliable candidates to pursue leadership. Cat thinks it would be more sensible to not present the voters with choice overload. In the end, Cat’s political affiliation and loyalty can be summed up as “Pro-Cat.”


Feline A-fur-mations:

This week Cat wishes to remind you that you do not need to settle for the lesser of evils or the semblance of love. You are worthy of genuine affection, peace, and freedom from dating apps. 🐾

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