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Ask a Cat: Hot boy summer, burning out, and retirement

Never fear, the Cat is here! For the answers to all of your deep (or shallow) questions, e-mail or send a message anonymously here.

Dear Cat,

I’m trying to have a hot boy summer with my guys, but I’m also not trying to upset the ladies by telling them I’m not down for a relationship. What’s the best way to pull this off?

Dear Human,

Cat is unsure of your intentions. Are you trying to be a prowling tom-cat, spending your summer chasing tail? Or are you looking to cultivate your bro bonds and eschew any romantic dalliance whatsoever with a firm paw? You seem to be insinuating that you will break hearts by either taking yourself off the market entirely or by only offering samples. Cat can assure you that the ladies will not be surprised by your lifestyle.

From what Cat has gathered in their professional capacity, this is where the bar is, regardless of the season. Since you have asked Cat for advice, I will simply implore you to be honest and forthcoming. Let your actions match your proclamations. Expect in return what you are willing to give when it comes to your interactions. Kindly do your best not to string anyone along that has already indicated she wants more than a trial subscription to your affections.


Dear Cat,

Elder millennial lady here: I’m feeling burnt out from being “on” constantly between social media, work, and what’s left of my personal relationships these days. Do you ever feel like you’re not actually living your life but you’re just constantly struggling through a to-do list to maintain your sanity?

Dear Human,

No, not really, but Cat can certainly see how you humans feel that way. While I can’t appreciate your rat race, I do have a keen ability to balance my lounging, naps, and leisure. It sounds like you need to prioritize your purr-sonal time. I’m a master of ignoring the non-essential, if something doesn’t bring me joy or kibble, it falls to the bottom of my priority list.

It sounds like you are assigning too much importance to things that drain you. As stereotypes go, Cat is willing to bet that you tend toward people-pleasing. The notion of always being “on” tells me that you’re concerned with how others are perceiving you and it’s siphoning away any joy you might find in the present moment. Cat knows it’s easier said than done to reduce your concerns about what others think but consider it a new foundation for how you live your life.

Practically speaking, Cat has a couple of suggestions. First, make sure you’re getting decent quality sleep. Second, take it easy on social media. Cat has no doubt that you already know those two things will be game changers when it comes to feeling burnt out, but sometimes the obvious bears repeating. Constant scrolling will torment your little human brain on multiple levels, and poor sleep will affect every aspect of your health, especially your ability to be resilient. Life is not meant to be rushed through, checking boxes and seeking external fulfillment. Slow down and put yourself first and Cat suspects you’ll find the balance you seek. 


Dear Cat,

I’m about to retire from my career in local politics, if you were to give a guy that’s been working for the last 40+ years advice on what to do next, what would you say?

Dear Human,

Retirement is like finding a sunny windowsill after a long day of prowling. Spend a little time basking before you commit to any new work. Cat suggests that after some intentional rest, you take stock of the things you chose to fill your leisure time with in the last few decades. Did you enjoy pickleball on the weekends? Purrhaps now in your retirement you could do some coaching. Was there a charity close to your heart that you gave to around the holidays? With your new lifestyle, maybe you could volunteer with them throughout the year.

Be mindful to not become complacent. Occasionally those who retire lose healthy routines and fall out of touch with the regular socializing that can come with a 9-5. Take time to reconnect with family and friends that may not have been a priority during your working days. Cat also suggests you spend a little requisite time getting your affairs in order. As retirement is a new phase of life, you may want to revisit your will, beneficiaries, and do some deep cleaning of your home. Cat wishes you much fulfillment in this new chapter. If you find you absolutely can’t keep yourself from returning to work, I suspect there will be openings in the field of snow removal with the new administration.


Purrrrls of Wisdom:

This week all the humans would be wise to check in with themselves to see if their current season of life aligns with their priorities. 🐾

Featured Feline:

Spuddy Buddy’s mother was a Russian Blue and his father was a Yukon Gold.

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9 days ago

Car, my once lovely, friendly and safe city has now been completely taken over by hard left liberals. Most have no families due to their gayness but are putting policies that affect my family, mainly the kids with their belief that debt is the answer. What will bring back some sanity.