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Assemblymember Dunbar attempts visit to Bush Company, ends up at Dave and Buster’s instead

In an attempt to be more inclusive and supportive of Anchorage businesses he wouldn’t normally patronize, Assemblymember Forrest Dunbar attempted to make his first trip to the Great Alaskan Bush Company last Thursday night. However, unbeknownst to him, he accidentally ended up at Dave and Buster’s in the Dimond Center

It’s unclear how he ended up at the wrong location, but during interviews with local media it became clear that Dunbar was oblivious to his mistake.

“It was all very overwhelming and . . . well. . . naughty,” Dunbar told Channel 2 News. “But heck, I’m a grown adult. I can enjoy a few minutes of naughty every now and then, right?” Assemblymember Dick Traini, who was nearby during the interview, reminded Dunbar that it’s almost Christmas time and Santa might take him off his “nice list.” Dunbar appeared a bit queasy after the reminder.

“It was so exciting. There were lots of bright lights, people were drinking alcohol (Dunbar whispered), and the Devil’s music was playing very loudly. There were lots of pretty girls taking drink orders and the whole thing was deliciously mischievous!” Dunbar declared with an odd boyish giggle. He added, “Not that I would go there again.”

In August Dunbar made a post on Facebook about a food truck saying they “Often set up outside the Bush Company at night (she told me) which explains why this is the first time I’ve encountered them.” The post prompted Alaska Landmine Editor-in-Chief Jeff Landfield to film a video message to Dunbar from the ladies of the Bush Company inviting him to their establishment.

It appears that Dunbar tried his hardest to accept the invitation, but just didn’t possess the base knowledge necessary to pull off such a gesture.

Dunbar did seem to really enjoy his fifteen minutes inside the new Dave and Buster’s though. And as of yet, it seems that nobody has informed him of the error. However, Assemblymember Christopher Constant could be seen laughing hysterically in the background during the interview.

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4 years ago

Really… this is what it’s come to?