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Anchorage Women’s March Railroads Dave Stieren Show

The organizers of the Anchorage Women’s March, set to take place on January 20, 2018, reached out the the Dave Stieren show this week to ask about going on his show to talk about the march. The Women’s March started last year in response to the election of President Trump. They took place in cities all over the world.

Here is the email from them to the shows producer:

Hi Toben,

You are great fun!

OK, we women thought we would help out KFQD a little by sharing critical information with you prior to an event. It would be a riveting interview that no listener would want to miss.

Last January, there were simultaneous Womens Marches throughout the nation, and the world. In Alaska, we had marches in 9 different cities and communities. In one place, only one person showed up, but she did an amazing amount of selfies. In another Alaska village, eleven people and two dogs were there, in solidarity with women all over the world.

As you know, in Anchorage, we had planned for 800 women. Instead there were over 3,000 people who showed, spilling all over the landscape. Families, children, women, men, transgender etc all in freezing snow which did not dampen the event for a moment.

On Saturday January 20 this year,we are holding an Anniversary March in solidarity with womens marches across our nation and again internationally. You are welcome to read further on Facebook pages and the internet. We will be having a rally at 11 am on the Delany Park Strip and then a party at noon for all at the Willowaw.

Dave may not have participated last year, only due to a misunderstanding of theoretical philosophies and complex political theory. We are prepared to overlook that and wish to present on his program a purer vision of what we stand for. I assume you did watch Golden Globes last night and saw our new President Elect. This all is very timely, and is a foreshadowing of things to come!

We will be gentle with David, promise.

Please let me know your thoughts on this opportunity for Dave!

Karen Cameron

The best part is the insinuation that Dave does not understand complex political theories. Talk about smug. The passive aggressive email makes me think they were excited about going on the show to light up Stieren. Well it looks like they had a change of heart because just 3 days later the same person sent Dave another email:

Dear Dave,

This is in response to your email which I received late tonight. I was going to contact Toben tomorrow morning. I would like to cancel our appointment for some of our planners to be interviewed on your show. As you know, the National Womens March is scheduled for Saturday, January 20, and we need every minute to make this family friendly event the success it should be.

Thank you and Toben for your consideration.

Karen Cameron

Dave responded by saying:

This is a disappointment. As an advocate for multiple women’s issues, and the plus one of a YWCA woman of achievement, I had hoped someone with this event, would have 30 minutes or so within the next 7 days, to discuss the march. My audience is wide and diverse, of different political, racial, and socio-economic standings. You’re not declining to speak to me, you’re refusing to speak to them.

Dave Stieren

What could have happened in the three days to make them have such a sudden change of heart? Whatever the reason, it seems they aren’t interested in reaching out to all the members of the Anchorage community about the march.

The Women’s March organizers did not respond for comment on this story.

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