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Anchorage mayoral candidate Chris Tuck posts video of him plowing Mayor Dave Bronson’s street

After two storms dumped record snowfall in Anchorage, residents have been struggling with the effects of inadequate plowing by the Municipality of Anchorage and the State of Alaska. Anchorage School District students have not attended school in-person since last Wednesday. People have struggled to get out of their neighborhood or even driveways due to snow berms caused by street plowing.

Many have criticized Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson and state leaders for not being ready for this after the failure to properly plow roads last winter. Bronson is up for re-election to his second term in April.

One of Bronson’s opponents, Chris Tuck, has taken advantage of the situation by posting a campaign video of him plowing Bronson’s street.


When asked why he posted the video, Tuck told the Landmine, “When we have a state of emergency, which Dave Bronson recently declared, the mayor needs to be able to do his job. That’s what true leadership is.” Tuck said the video was filmed on Monday night.

The Landmine reached out to Mayor Bronson and a member of his campaign team asking about Tuck’s video. Neither has responded yet with a comment. The article will be updated if one is provided.

Tuck, a Democrat who served in the State House from 2009-2023, is one of three of Bronson’s main opponents. The other two are Suzanne LaFrance, an independent who recently served on the Anchorage Assembly, and Bill Popp, who left his role as the head of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation to run for mayor.

The filing deadline to run for mayor is in January. The election is April 2, 2024, but ballots will go out in the mail in mid-March.

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6 months ago

No that’s a tad to personal If you as me …. Kinda like the sssniperwolf going to a fellow influencers home to “just talk” ….. regardless of how well you might mean , don’t get that close to a man’s family … that’s personal

Just my opinion

6 months ago

The city doing there job flowing the main road and street and you criticizing mayor Bronson . Hey stop your whining act like an adult it will be best for you..

6 months ago

Says the man whining

6 months ago

This goes to show you this mayor doesn’t put himself first on the plowed streets. It’s refreshing that streets are being plowed for the most commuted roads first.

6 months ago

Plowing is everyone’s duty stop your whining!

John Murphy
6 months ago

You have to respect a guy who is willing to go out there and do what the mayor has proven to be incapable of accomplishing.

I don’t think any of the other candidates even know how to drive a rig, much less willing to go out in the scary darkness to get a job done.

6 months ago
Reply to  John Murphy

You are so right about the scary darkness. Every time I see darkness I shutter. The lack of light makes me so anxious I need my Adderall. I leave all lights on including my bathroom so monsters will not surprise me. If darkness was removed from society wars and conflict would cease.

6 months ago
Reply to  Akwhitty

Do you think condescending overstatement will distract from the mayor’s incompetence, which you noticeably did not dispute?

Joanne Meyers
6 months ago

“Paid for by Tuck for Mayor.” Who paid whom and how much?

6 months ago

“When we have a state of emergency, which Dave Bronson recently declared, the mayor needs to be able to do his job. That’s what true leadership is.”

Well said, Chris Tuck, and well-demonstrated, too. Great campaign mic-drop moment.

6 months ago

Is it legal to plow the road with a personal vehicle?