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Anchorage earthquake memes “fly off the shelves”

Before the snow and dust had settled, rattled Anchorageites jumped online to share their earthquake experiences in dramatic stories, photos, and of course, dank memes.

One of the first viral post-quake memes used the infamous photo of Tom Sulczynski’s stranded SUV.

For the record, Tom didn’t go to work–he left his keys with police and got “good and drunk” at the Anchorage airport before catching his scheduled flight. Legendary.

Below, please enjoy the Landmine’s curated gallery of curated Anchorage Quake Memes. We’ve tried to arrange them roughly in order–from reactions to the initial earthquake to commentary on post-earthquake cleanup and beyond.

Days of unpredictable and nearly relentless aftershocks kept everyone on their toes, or at least awake.

Thousands of bottles of alcohol across Anchorage were destroyed, hurting many Alaskans’ hearts (though probably helping their livers).

The worst loss of all, however, was definitely Mayor Berkowitz’s amazing No Shave November beard. 🙁

No meme gallery could be complete without fake tweets from President Trump.

Just after picking up the broken glass it was time to pick up the shovels. The forecast immediately after the earthquake called for high wind, sleet, and snow. In other words, back to normal.

Alaskas enjoyed a confused laugh when a Fox News commentator, looking at photos of Sulczynski’s stranded SUV, bizzarely claimed “I know exactly where that is. Minnesota Drive is a main thoroughfare that goes north to south up to Alaska, uh, and then goes down south toward the Aleutian Islands…” Do you really know “exactly where that is” tho?

Of course, when it’s all said and done Alaskans will do what we do best: stay strong, rebuild, and cash in.

Aaaaaaaaand… it’s done.

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Alaskan Empire
11 months ago

Yes boss, I’m coming to work