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An Alaska Landmine original film: This is Anchorage

We recently decided to explore the issue of homeless camps in Anchorage. We set out to make a short video about it. We quickly realized that it would take much longer to show the full picture.

A big thanks to all of the people who contributed to the making of this film, as well as to everyone who participated in it.

Just before the release of this film, Governor Mike Dunleavy (R – Alaska) announced significant budget vetoes. Some of these include cuts to programs that are designed to help people who are experiencing homelessness. The Alaska Legislature has the ability to override budget vetoes, but it requires a hard to obtain 3/4 vote of the Legislature.

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Jack Ryan
1 year ago

An interesting video. Many times the homeless are painted as victims and other times they as druggies and thieves. I believe there are those that want help and some that do not. The issue is complex and multifaceted. I don’t know if we will ever truly solve it.

1 year ago

AKARCHER made this film a year ago. It is on his youtube channel called AKARCHER. Its called faces of the frontier and it discusses the issue of homelessness and how people find themselves there along with an interview with some of the homeless population. Go Alaska youtubers for being far ahead of the media Haha.

1 year ago

The video reveals that Nancy the MOA homeless coordinator makes $172,000 in salary and benefits. Nancy well knows that if she actually solves the problem she will not make that $172,000. These poor bastards and others dependent on state services are often just a resource to be exploited by all the “Nancy’s” and elected officials on the government payroll who have found their “bowl of rice” in this issue and will not let anyone or anything upset the status quo. The courts are used to set up legal “straw men” to insure these folks remain on the street where perhaps… Read more »

Cindy Lelake
1 year ago

Good job, Landmine and friends!