Alaska Republicans Chose Slate of Candidates for Leadership Positions

The Alaska Republican Party is having their state convention this weekend. They are meeting at the Hilton in downtown Anchorage. Delegates came to Anchorage from all corners of the state. The Party has its convention every two years.

The Nominations Committee forwarded the following names for a vote of the delegates, which will take place tomorrow:


  1. Tuckerman Babcock (Supreme Leader). Babcock is the current Chair and is running unopposed


  1. Glenn Clary
  2. Alex Gimarc
  3. Jon Faulkner (Faulkner is the current Vice-Chair. He was appointed and confirmed last year after Rick Whitbeck resigned)


  1. Vivian Stiver

Assistant Secretary

  1. Trevor Shaw

Delegates will vote tomorrow. The only contested race is the one for Vice-Chair. This is much different than the convention two years ago in Fairbanks. There were several candidates running for all of the positions. Candidates ran campaigns by sending mailers to delegates and having meetings with them before the convention. Babcock was elected Chair and Rick Whitbeck was elected Vice-Chair at the 2016 convention. Republicans seem pleased with the job Babcock is doing.

The Party went through a tumultuous period after Russ Millette was elected Chair in 2012. He replaced longtime Chair Randy Ruedrich. Millette was able to pull off a victory because a number of delegates supporting Ron Paul wanted a change in the Party. Millette seemed to be the only one willing to run for Chair. Things got weird and Millette was eventually ousted by the Party Executive Committee before he could take office. Debra Brown, the incoming Vice-Chair became Chair and things got even weirder. At one point she changed the locks on the doors to the Party office in Anchorage. Brown was also later ousted by the Executive Committee. Peter Goldberg was then chosen to be the Chair.

The Republicans had their 2014 convention in Juneau, probably to limit the number of Ron Paul people who created the chaos in 2012. Goldberg continued to be Chair until 2016, when Babcock was elected as Chair at the convention in Fairbanks. Things seem to be getting back to normal for the Alaska Republican Party.

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