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Alaska Republican Party Chairman Nominates New Vice-Chair

Alaska Republican Party (ARP) Chairman Tuckerman Babcock has named a replacement for the party’s vice-chair. Babcock has recommended Jon Faulkner of Homer. Faulkner is currently the ARP Chairman for District 31. He unsuccessfully challenged Representative Paul Seaton in the Republican primary in 2012. Faulkner also owns the Land’s End Hotel and Restaurant in Homer. (Jon, I’d be happy to promote the Land’s End on the Alaska Landmine or even do a review. Call me buddy)

Rick Whitbeck resigned as ARP vice-chair last week to start a political consulting firm, the Pinnacle Group. Faulkner should be confirmed at the ARP State Central Committee meeting this Saturday in Anchorage. Should he be confirmed, Faulkner will serve out the term until the next ARP State Convention this March in Anchorage.

In an email, Babcock said, “Whether Mr. Faulkner decides to run in 2018 for Vice Chairman or not, the State Convention in March will select the management team for the 2018-1019 cycle.

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