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Alaska Oil and Gas Association CEO takes off the gloves on Mike Porcaro Show

Yesterday, Kara Moriarty, the President/CEO of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA) called into the Mike Porcaro Show on 650 KENI. Morning show host Dan Fagan (broadcasting from Louisiana) was filling in for Porcaro. The topic was Ballot Measure 1, which aims to increase oil taxes on legacy North Slope fields. What started off as a normal conversation quickly turned into anything but. Fagan started off by asking Moriarty, “If this thing passes, Kara, can you kind of give us an idea of how that might affect the decisions that are made in the boardrooms of the oil companies?” Moriarty said she was happy to discuss that but then said, “I actually have a question for you, first. Are you getting paid by Ballot Measure 1 on either side? Fagan laughingly responded, “No.”

Moriarty went on to talk about how Porcaro’s firm, Porcaro Communications, has been paid over $150,000 from the Yes side. She also said Porcaro has had Robin Brena, the main backer of Ballot Measure 1, on the show so many times she “lost count.” Alaska Public Offices Commission reports do indeed show that his firm has been paid to place advertising. Advertising firms typically charge a 15% fee for media placement. The conversation really takes off from there. It’s definitely worth a listen!


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Drill baby drill
10 months ago

Kara brings up “sour grapes” while totally having… sour grapes?

Judy Eledge
9 months ago

I knew Pacaro was for sale when he ran Vince Beltrami’s campaign several years ago. All about money but he has a major conflict and should be called on it! Perhaps APOC would consider his friendliness in violation of campaign rules