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Be Safe

Alaska Department of Labor changes public comment summary on proposed changes to labor regulations

On January 24th I published a story, “Lawmakers and industry push back on proposed changes to labor regulations” about the Alaska Department of Labor’s (DOL) proposed changes to labor regulations. The story included a document that included public comments, which summarized them as for or against. The document, produced by DOL, showed 377 public comments. All but a few were against the proposed changes. DOL did not give any of the stakeholders, union and non-union, a heads up about the proposed changes.

This is what was included in the first story:

Public comment was totally against the proposed changes. According to the Department, 377 comments came in. 375 were against the changes to the apprenticeship program. Two dealt with other proposed changes. The amount of public comments submitted was much higher than previous public comments the Department of Labor has received in the past.

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Be Safe

DOL sent out an updated version of the public comment document to those who had requested it. This is where it gets loose. The new document now shows 176 “Against” and 172 “Unclear.” Now it’s balanced!

Let’s take a look at some of the now 172 “Unclear” comments:

  1. The proposed changes/elimination of Electrical and plumbing/pipe-fitting apprenticeships is unacceptable.
  2. Apprenticeship is the foundation of expertise for skilled craft workers. Please to not eliminated this requirement.
  3. I’m against the Proposed Regulations to weaken apprentice standards.
  4. These so-called regulations will place workers at greater harm. Please put a stop to these efforts.
  5. Both the proposed changes in apprenticeships and licensing are ridiculous and will only hurt the state in the long run. It’s obvious that whoever came up with this idea has no clue what they are doing.
  6. Protect Alaskans and Jobs – Say No to Proposed Regulations.
  7. This change is a terrible idea, Alaska’s work place is dangerous enough. Keep the existing system intact.
  8. I oppose this legislation.
  9. This is a terrible idea for skilled professions and trades, especially in the dangerous electrical field.
  10. I do not approve of these Labor changes that Governor Dunleavy is trying to pass, it is a slap in the face to all skilled labor forces and should not be passed!

Those are just a few. I recommend going through all of the comments and reviewing which ones they have now labeled “Unclear.”

Here is the new document:

MI Regulations Comments and Questions (With List)

Here is the original document:

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MI Regulations Comments and Questions

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Lana Jones-Edwards
9 months ago

Wow. I did not think Commissioner Ledbetter would allow herself to be used this way. I worked for the department for 30 years. These regs were always supported. ?

9 months ago

That is the disappointment these days. People who have demonstrated integrity previously are allowing these things to happen. They see what happens to people who oppose ideas, and they go along. The complicity in corruption is necessary. The few can’t do it alone.

9 months ago

First a re-visit to the Penny Contract and now this. The stench from this corrupt Administration is becoming unbearable. That said, who is going to enforce any standards of ethics or the law when it is violated? This is “Trumpism” come to Alaska.

9 months ago

well you just got a donation from me. Thank you for bringing this to light. The Dunleavy administration is totally lacking in credibility. He has been trying to regain it with his claims to listen to Alaskans. Actions like this totally undermine any claims he makes. Ledbetter needs to be removed from her position. Not doing this would show Dunleavy’s complicity in this deception. All Alaskan’s opinions should be heard and counted whether you agree or not.

9 months ago
Reply to  leo americus

dermet cole posted that these changes to regulations are being put on hold. there will public meetings in March to discuss them. thank you for breaking the story. it is sad that we have an administration that only wants to hear from the Alaskans they want to hear from. keep up the good work.

9 months ago

I was one of the multiple people who commented on the proposed changes. While I didn’t begin by specifically stating I opposed the regulations, I certainly thought I made my intent very clear. Yes, mine was one of the 10 listed in this Landmine follow-up. When the administration revisited my comment and labeled it as unclear, I could only sit back and chuckle. We literally have an administration willing to blatantly attempt to deceive the people. I appreciate the Landmine following up with this. It’s obvious to me now that this Commissioner isn’t willing to listen to the people she… Read more »

9 months ago

“…our electrical apprenticeship programs are already the weakest in the country and that if you loosen up the regulations any more we not only will see higher fatalities in the industry from electrocutions and fires, but Alaska will be producing the lowest quality electricians and the lowest quality electrical work.” – COMMENT UNCLEAR. Holly shit, corruption has become so blatant and status quo it’s unbelievable. Thanks, comrade Dunleavy. /s

9 months ago

Here’s a clear statement: This administration is ridiculous. Also clear: Jeff and his team are doing a great job on the public’s behalf.