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An open letter to Governor Dunleavy

Jeff Landfield   February 10, 2019

Dear Governor Michael J. Dunleavy, I know you are busy handling the affairs of State government. I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you why I think I should be appointed to a board or commission or hired in your administration. We go back quite a ways so I’m a bit surprised I have been…

The Sunday Minefield – February 10, 2019

Jeff Landfield
February 10, 2019

The Sunday Minefield – February 3, 2019

Jeff Landfield
February 3, 2019

The Sunday Minefield – January 27, 2019

Jeff Landfield
January 27, 2019

The Sunday Minefield – January 20, 2019

Jeff Landfield
January 20, 2019

The Sunday Minefield – January 13, 2019

Jeff Landfield   January 13, 2019

The 31st Alaska Legislature is just two days away from beginning. If the prefiled bills are any indication of how things will go this…

The Sunday Minefield – January 6, 2019

Jeff Landfield   January 6, 2019

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. After taking a few weeks off, I’m back with my regular Sunday column!…

Assemblymember Rivera goes on epic bender, wakes up Vice-Chair of Assembly

The Landfill   December 27, 2018

A recent meeting of the Anchorage Assembly turned out to be the final stop in a solo pub-crawl by Assemblymember Felix Rivera. What was supposed…

Assemblymember Dunbar attempts visit to Bush Company, ends up at Dave and Buster’s instead

The Landfill   December 21, 2018

In an attempt to be more inclusive and supportive of Anchorage businesses he wouldn’t normally patronize, Assemblymember Forrest Dunbar attempted to make his first…

The Sunday Minefield – December 16, 2018

Jeff Landfield   December 16, 2018

I am writing this week’s column from the Bay Area in California. A friend and I are down here visiting a buddy who moved…

The Sunday Minefield – December 9, 2018

Jeff Landfield   December 9, 2018

It’s been nine days since the big quake hit Southcentral Alaska. The aftershocks continue. In fact, we had two good ones this morning. At…

Following relentless rumblings, Anchorage Assembly mulls city name change

The Landfill   December 7, 2018

Subsequent to a nerve-rattling 7.0 magnitude earthquake followed by more than 2,000 aftershocks, Assemblymember Christopher Constant announced that he will introduce a charter amendment…

The Sunday Minefield – December 2, 2018 (Post Earthquake Edition)

Jeff Landfield   December 2, 2018

Well, this was an interesting week. I had so much for the column and then the big one hit on Friday morning. Events like…

Anchorage earthquake memes “fly off the shelves”

Landmine Staff   December 1, 2018

Before the snow and dust had settled, rattled Anchorageites jumped online to share their earthquake experiences in dramatic stories, photos, and of course, dank…

The Sunday Minefield – November 25, 2018 (Special Video Interview Edition)

Jeff Landfield   November 25, 2018

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. I took the week off so I could eat turkey and relax. However, I’m not leaving you…

The Sunday Minefield – November 18, 2018

Jeff Landfield   November 18, 2018

It’s been nearly two weeks since the general election. Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy is busy with the transition and choosing his commissioners. There has not…

The Sunday Minefield – November 11, 2018

Jeff Landfield   November 11, 2018

The 2018 general election has come and gone. Thank God. While much of the country saw a blue wave, it was definitely a red…

The Sunday Minefield – November 4, 2018 (Special Political Mailer Edition)

Jeff Landfield   November 4, 2018

The 2018 general election is just two days away! We invite everyone to attend Election Central at the Egan Center from 7 pm to…

The Sunday Minefield – October 28, 2018

Jeff Landfield   October 28, 2018

The 2018 general election is just over a week away. The Alaska political landscape is about to undergo a big change. We will have…

The Sunday Minefield – October 21, 2018 (Special Loose Unit Edition)

Jeff Landfield   October 21, 2018

This week has been one of the strangest and loosest weeks in Alaska politics since I can remember. With just over two weeks until…
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