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Republicans Send More Names to Walker for Senate Seat E Vacancy

The Alaska Republican Party has sent four additional names to Governor Walker for consideration for Senate Seat E, the seat Mike Dunleavy recently resigned from. The new names are:

  1. Christopher Kurka (Alaska Right to Life guy)
  2. Mike Shower (FedEx pilot guy)
  3. Doyle Holmes (Hardware store guy)
  4. Vicki Chaffin Wallner (STOP VALLEY THIEVES Facebook group lady)

Wallner was sent over yesterday, the other three were sent over today. It is unclear how the Alaska Republican Party (ARP) choose these additional names. Only two of them were on the original list of 11 from the initial meeting where three names were chosen to send to Walker, Doyle Holmes and Vicki Chaffin Wallner. Holmes proved to be quite a loose unit at that meeting. This article describes what happened: Republicans Choose Three Names for Gov. Walker to Fill Dunleavy Seat

Now it appears the ARP is doing what they have accused Walker of doing, going rogue. Walker initially submitted Randall Kowalke, who was not on the original three name list from Republicans. Republicans flipped when Walker did this because he was not on the initial list they sent him. Senate Republicans  rejected Kowalke. Then it got really weird when Walker sent Tom Braund over. This article highlights that debacle:  My Take on the Senate Seat E Debacle – FUBAR 

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So, now it seems Walker has six names to chose from:

  1. Christopher Kurka
  2. Mike Shower
  3. Doyle Holmes
  4. Vicki Chaffin Wallner
  5. Todd Smoldon (teacher guy)
  6. George Rauscher (legislator guy)

Walker seems uninterested in choosing Raushcer or Smoldon so it looks like one of the first four will be sent over to Senate Republicans. Who will that be? I doubt anyone knows, even Walker. Hang on to your hats, folks. The next week or two will surely be another wild ride.


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